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Tips for pregnant women during Covid’19 times

As social distancing and staying at home have become the “new normal” in the current scenario of COVID times, it is important for pregnant women to keep a calm mind, continue their checkups with doctors on online sessions, and be open about their concerns. With all the uncertainty around, one of the best things that you can do is be positive and practice ways that will help ensure you and your baby’s well-being.
While pregnancy care may look a little different now than it used to earlier, here are a few tips to approach these changes:

  • Try establishing a daily routine of activities in a way that it becomes a new normal in your life. Get adequate sleep and regular medical checkups, make a list of all the things you do in a day and prioritize them.
  • If you need to step out for work or a checkup, remember to maintain social distancing and wear a mask and carry a sanitizer.
  • Frequent checkups during pregnancy are vital for the mother and baby. So, check with your gynecologist via online sessions for these checkups. If you are due to deliver, understand and be open about the delivery options and post-natal care.
  • As pregnancy skincare is an important aspect of your motherhood phase, include massages and moisturization in your daily routine to help deal with common pregnancy skin concerns.
  • Indulge in a soothing massage using a massage oil; this will help promote blood circulation. You can also opt for a body butter that will help with dry skin issues. Whatever routine you follow, do remember to use products containing herbal actives and that are free from chemicals.
  • Your baby gets nutrients from what you eat. Avoid binge-eating. Make it a priority to stick to a balanced diet including fruits and vegetables and stay hydrated.
  • Manage your stress in different ways — practice breathing exercises to calm yourself and indulge in new hobbies or rediscover old ones. You can also take online courses on learning to play an instrument, a new language, or anything you have always wanted to do. You may also enjoy planning things for your baby’s arrival, like decorating a nursery.
  • Talk to your doctor if you are anxious about your baby being exposed to the virus during breastfeeding. Always clean your nipple area before and after breastfeeding. Wash your hands frequently and then feed your baby.
  • Avoid reading negative news about the current situation, which might cause anxiety. Instead, use the screen time to talk to your friends and family, or watch something you enjoy. This will keep you happy and occupied.

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