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All Payments are to be done online only.

You can view your past transactions in your My Booking section.

The Change Password option is available under the User Menu in your EA HomeCare Account.

When you click on the My Profile icon, you will see a My addresses menu bar item. Click on it to manage your Addresses.

If the Items and Services are not as per your order, you can send us an email at orders@homecare.in and we will let you know if you are eligible for a replacement service or a refund.

You can email us at orders@homecare.in for any Payment/Transaction related problems at the time of order and we will respond shortly with the payment reconciliation for your order.

You can change it in the My profile section.

Yes, we are ISO 27001 & PCI DSS certified. All your payment details are secure with us.

An online doctor consultation is both convenient and easy to use especially for those who live in remote areas and have busy schedules. By using a video conferencing platform smartphone apps, and online management systems, doctors can connect with patients and diagnose them

Yes, you can call our emergency 24*7 helpline numbers for any emergency

Online Consultation should be used when you need non critical care, for a follow up or second opinion, reviewing medical reports, initial treatments, etc. While online consultation is not intended to replace your regular doctor or specialist for common or chronic conditions, an online consultation can sometimes substitute a doctor’s visit

Yes, our Panel only has certified doctors, licensed to practice medicine. We have a stringent doctor on boarding process where all the doctors’ profiles and medical licenses are verified by an individual. Only on successful verification process are the doctor profiles made LIVE.

Yes, we have 24*7 homecare assistance at your service

Yes, your medical history will be safe and it will be stored in a secure and confidential database.

For medication guidance you need to consult our panel of best doctors online and you will get the best guidance accordingly

All video & telephonic consultations are attended to by trained and qualified mental health professionals who work on a full-time basis. Each of our team members have a Master's degree in either Clinical Psychology or Counseling Psychology and extensive training in order to help individuals facing a wide range of issues

By providing professional counseling via Video & telephone, by providing information about the various aspects of mental health and providing suggestions that can help improve one’s psychological wellbeing, by demystifying the process of counseling for you and helping you feel more confident about this process, by providing you with referrals to mental health professionals, doctors, NGOs, etc from our exhaustive referral database

You can speak to our consultants about any issue which is causing emotional and psychological distress to you. Our clients call us with a wide range of concerns ranging from relationships to work-life, academic issues and crisis situations etc. Our expert consultants are trained to provide the best counseling for a wide spectrum of emotional and psychological issues."

A counseling psychologist treats a wide range of psychological issues and mental health disorders like relationship difficulties, starting a new relationship, emotional trauma due to death of a loved one or business failures, anxiety, depression and eating disorders.

Counseling psychologists make people comfortable and encourage them to talk about their life and feelings, behavior and problems. They help the patients to overcome their negative thoughts and emotions.

Yes, your medical history will be safe and it will be stored in a secure and confidential database.

Currently our services are available in English and Hindi. We will be coming out with other language counselling soon.

We have an extensive catalogue of tests covering a majority of the routine testing needs for most patients along with a choice of several preventive health care packages. Please browse the test list or search for the name of the test you need. If you are unsure what the doctor ordered, please upload your prescription and our customer care team will help you select the right tests.

The medical professional who will visit your home to collect your sample will be checked for symptoms and will be in protective gear including gloves and masks. The containers used for the samples will also be thoroughly sanitized on a regular basis.

Yes, you can but the consultation charges will be applicable.

You can log into your EA HomeCare account and under E-prescription tab you can see your report online.

Yes, we require a valid doctor's prescription to arrange for a diagnostic test. We also have standard diagnostic packages to choose from.

Yes, our platform is completely safe for ordering medicines.

While placing the order you will have the option to select the expected time frame for delivery and according to the option selected we shall communicate the time required to deliver the medicines. In case of an emergency delivery, there will be an additional cost that will be applicable.

We deliver the medicines through various third party tie-ups that we have.

Same day delivery service is available in all major cities of India like Mumbai, Delhi/NCR, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Pune. While standard delivery is available PAN India.

Home Health Care encompasses a wide range of health care services provided in the patient’s home with the purpose of maintaining optimum levels of health and comfort for the patient. Home care is a collaborative effort involving family, physician, and an interdisciplinary home care team. It is a cost-effective alternative to extended hospitalization, rehabilitation, or a nursing home stay. Patients are usually more comfortable in their own home and studies have shown patients recover faster at home.

In order to receive home health care services under Medicare, the patient must require skilled, intermittent nursing care, physical therapy, or speech therapy, have a physician’s order for home health care, and be essentially homebound

An emergency plan is made and thoroughly discussed with the patient and his/her family during the first visit and is posted in the home and included in the care plan. This is reviewed frequently with the patient and family during the course of our care at home

We are providing many services for home health care assistance like Critical care, Nursing, Lab tests, Doctor consultation, Medical equipment and Elder care. To get started with the services you need to call our EA 24*7 helpline numbers or email us at contact@homecare.in and we will get back to you with the availability of the services in your location.

EA caregivers are guided by the principle of healthcare priority. Personal attention to the patients or infants is our first priority. You as the patient attendant have a very important role in guiding the caregivers about the dos-and-don’ts. This is in conjunction with the level of care / care program that you have opted for through EA platform. Additionally, based on your permission and assessment of caregivers, they can act as guardians to your home, especially when your elders are living alone. In such cases, they can administer the house-hold aspects as well

EA as part of its selection and induction process, assess the staff / caregivers thoroughly using its deep knowledge about caregiving at home. EA understands that security of the patients and their home is the priority; where many of them may be living alone. EA keeps the full history of the work done by the Caregivers and keeps detailed records of internal incidences, if any, for better decision making.

Our wide-range of services allow us to meet the needs of working professionals, athletes, and overwhelmed individuals looking to live a healthier lifestyle. Many individuals who have been diagnosed with a disease like diabetes or cardiovascular problems seek nutrition counseling to help manage their condition. If you find yourself wondering how to eat healthier or how to navigate the grocery store, then nutrition counseling may be a good service for you.

Absolutely! Nutrition recommendations are based on a variety of factors that include anthropometrics, activity level, age, gender and goals. These individualized recommendations are based on the information provided by the initial visit forms and adjusted during follow-up visits.

No, All diet plans are personalized and customized as per individual eating habits, medical history and lifestyle.

Yes, we enjoy working with children. We help children as young as 13 years of age. All children under the age of 18 require guardian consent and supervision for nutrition services during the appointment.

During your first visit, your diet, medical, family and lifestyle history will be evaluated. Your visit will also include measuring your body fat percentage, water volume and blood pressure. You will leave with nutrition recommendations

Vehicle assistance services provided by Europ Assistance assist you in situations where you need help with your vehicle / maintenance. The service offers many benefits from getting your vehicle fixed on the spot, flat tyre assistance, fuel delivery, battery jumpstart to towing or taxi service to help you reach your destination.

Yes, we provide service for all type of vehicles

Vehicle wash & sanitization services are available in many cities of India like Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Bangalore, Delhi. Battery Jump Start, Flat Tyre assistance and fuel delivery is available PAN India.

We provide "Exterior Wash with Sanitization" and "Exterior Wash and Interior Vacuuming with Sanitization"

We supply fuel in 2 quantities only, 2 Liters or 5 Liters

We have tie ups with licensed fuel suppliers for fuel delivery who will only deliver good quality fuel.

The Fashion Consultation is designed to cater to your individual needs- for example you may want to discuss tips for dressing for your shape, ideas on where to shop for your style and budget, ideas on what’s in fashion and what suits you, advice on special occasion dressing. The Fashion Consultation is really a sit down chat during which lots of notes are taken and written up for you in a personal Style Plan, which is emailed to you following the appointment.

Our Fashion stylist are highly qualified and are much more professional than the other shoppers at the stores. They are experienced and highly fashionable individuals who have done personal styling for celebrities and other personalities.

Every consultation will be scheduled for an hour

Yes, we do have men and women stylist on board with us, You can select the stylist as per your liking

Yes, the stylist can help you with all types of clothing for all types of occasions

Currently the service is only available in cities like Mumbai, Delhi/NCR, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Pune

The delivery is mostly done within couple of hours of the booking

You can place an order using our online platform

You can track the status of your order through your online HomeCare account

Yes, we are available on all days

You can sign up using our HomeCare website where you can see each trainer's biography, availability and costing for a video consultation

Each session will last for approximately 60 minutes

Yes, you can speak to our experts regarding your injuries or medical condition. The workout session will be modified accordingly.

Our platform is completely online and can be accessed from any where in the world. In case of an emergency you can reschedule your appointment 24 hours prior to the scheduled date and time.

Yes, our experts will assist you with diet plans. If you are seeking exclusive nutrition counseling then you can use our "Diet & Nutrition Consultation" service.

Because repairing will cost a fraction of the original buying cost and with our guaranteed repairs, rest assured about the performance of your machine.

We currently service Window ACs, Split ACs, 2 Door Refrigerators, 3 Door Refrigerator, Side-by-Side Refrigerator, TV up to 48”, TV larger than 48”, Semi-auto Washing Machine, Fully Automatic Washing Machine, Dishwasher, Microwave Oven and RO

Yes, you can by booking individual requests for each appliance

Our technicians are certified professionals and well qualified in field of appliance repair and maintenance

No we do not have any Service Centers

Actual repair cost and any parts/machine replacement cost will be informed during the visit and has to be borne by the customer. Customer needs to pay in cash or (any other available mode of payment) for the same to our service attendant.

Generally speaking, a Chauffeur Service uses certified professional chauffeurs. Our chauffeurs are trained in driving skills and etiquette in order to perform at the highest level. A taxi service is generally unrefined with poorly trained drivers.

Yes, our chauffeurs are well trained, polite and they won't compromise your privacy.

Yes, our chauffeurs always wear formal clothes while on duty

Yes, it is completely safe as we do a complete background checks on our chauffeurs

You can visit our official website where the items will be available in a real time inventory. You can then place an order according to your choice and it will get delivered at your doorstep.

We deliver to more than 20,000 pin codes in India.

Our entire payment is secured by a PCIDSS compliance. All your data and transaction related details are accepted through the PCIDSS protocol ensuring high level of security. We suggest that you avoid sharing details of your account or your card details with anyone.

You can track the status of your order through your HomeCare online account.

In case of flowers and cakes, pictures are representative of the composition of the product and in certain cases, the design of the actual product may differ from what is shown on the website.

The recipient's address and phone number is mandatory information required for placing an order. This is required so that our delivery partners can do last mile coordination with the recipient and deliver your gift without hassle & mistakes