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Starting your route towards veganism – For beginners

Following a vegan diet has gained popularity in the country as people have now decided to follow it for ethical reasons. However, to stay vegan takes an inner motivation and conviction. When you choose to go vegan, whether it be primarily for the animals, your health, or the planet, you are opting to forgo anything made with animal or animal by-products- which is no small task. Veganism isn’t a diet or a weight loss fad; it’s a lifestyle choice.
In order to actually stay vegan, you have to be strong in your beliefs and reasoning for choosing this lifestyle. If you’re not completely certain that you want to go vegan, educate yourself on the impacts or affects that veganism has on your body and the world before trying out the lifestyle.
If you are apprehensive while trying out veganism, you are more likely to fall out of it; going into something with the mindset that it won’t work out usually ends in it not working out.
Once you are certain of your decision, there are many ways to go about adopting this lifestyle.

Tips on how to Go Vegan
• Begin today but keep patience; it will not happen overnight. This transition will take some time.
• But being vegan doesn’t mean abandoning your taste buds. With a little help from the internet, local resources, and other vegans, you can find tasty substitutes for all your old favorites.
• Going vegan is a lifestyle, not just about eating plant-based foods. You will find that you can support yourself with personal care products and clothes and homes which are a lot more conducive for your health because they are natural and cruelty-free.
• Keep your vitamins and minerals in check. Eat more plant-based food, more vegetables and fruits, whole foods and grains. Focus on iron, calcium, omegas and vitamin D and vitamin B12.
• Consult a plant-based doctor, health coach or nutritionist to ensure you take care of your nutrition needs like B12, among others.
• Consult with a vegan nutritionist/dietician if you want to start taking supplements. As far as protein is concerned, you get enough protein from the regular healthy vegan food, but if bodybuilding is your passion and you want extra protein in powder form, then switch to plant-based protein powder.
• Read labels before you shop at grocery stores. It’s important to eat fresh, organic and clean food, closest to what nature has provided without chemicals, preservatives, and stabilizers.
• Vegan food is full of delectable and refreshing varieties, the more you will explore, the more you will love it. However, if you are allergic to any particular vegetable or fruit, then avoid it and ask your dietician for a better alternative.
So, to get a better understanding and knowledge about this, you can consult our diet & nutrition experts at before you begin your journey of veganism.